A community for independent creatives.

Creature is a collaborative organization of freelancers and creatives.
Our community is a homegrown network for sharing ideas, work, and resources.

About Creature

Creature was started by some friends and colleagues when we left our full-time jobs to freelance.*

Quitting our day jobs was, generally speaking, full of win. But there were some things that we missed about our old routines. We missed the shared knowledge and meetup events. We missed the water cooler chatter and happy-hours.

So, we decided to build our own office community. First we started a slack channel. Then we got a shared office. And now we're a rather broad network working together both locally and worldwide across the digital interwebs.

Creature is still an evolving community. You'll often find us working and not-working together at shared work spaces, conferences, happy-hours, and brainstorm sessions.

* Fun fact, Creature used to be called Raptorsaur.

The Creature Studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Meet the team

As a network of freelancers and small teams, we value autonomy, yet we understand the importance of collaboration across networks.

Through the Creature Community, each of our independent practices can leverage the economy-of-scale of a larger team. Most notably, we can share the costs of finding work and great people to work with.

Creature has empowered us to find inspiring work and to build amazing teams from our network. Here are some of the folks in the Creature community.

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